What is the Leeds Early Years Association Lantern project?

At LEYA we strongly believe that all children are gifted and talented and should be allowed to shine bright like a lantern!

Did you know that every child has the right to “participate freely in cultural life and the arts” as a means to social mobility and economic health?  We want to give children the oppertunity to find their talents, so we are  in the planning stages of the Lantern project. 

The project will provide local families with an opportunity to engage with free, culturally rich activities for children aged 0-8.

What are we are planning to include? :

Coffee and Culture – A support group for parents/grandparents with guest speakers.

Library – Parent and child library, including home learning and take home information packs

After school Culture Club (Mon/ Wed/ Fri 3:30 -5pm) – Art and life skills focused provision for children aged 3-8. Led by specialist practitioners.

Stay and create 0-5s– weekly stay and play group with Art and Heritage focus. delivered by LEYA staff at Meanwood Community Centre . 

Termly Exhibition, End of Year Showcase.

Arts and culture can be a shared experience, bringing together people and improving community cohesion, relationships, wellbeing and outcomes for children in education and adulthood. We are curently seeking external funding to make our plans a reality !


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